Frequently Asked Questions for Newborn Sessions


Most parents have a lot of questions when booking a newborn photography session for the first time. Below are the most frequently asked questions that I get from parents. Hopefully this post will answer some of the questions you have as well!

  1. When should I start looking for a newborn photographer? You should start looking for a newborn photographer as early as possible as our schedules fill up quickly! The best time to start looking is during your second trimester. If you start the search early, it is much more likely that you will be able to book a newborn session with your favourite photographer.
  2. When should a newborn session take place? Newborn photos are most successful when the session takes place during the first 5-10 days of the baby’s life. During this stage, babies are very sleepy and easy to pose as they are still fresh out of the womb where they were all curled up. Before he or she is 5 days old, the baby may not be eating well enough to sleep for long periods of time without feeding. After 13 days, baby is far more alert and baby acne and colic are more common. If baby is older than 14 days, a newborn photography session requires a lot of patience from everyone involved. If your baby was born quite early, the ideal time for a newborn photography session is usually about 7 days after you bring them home from the hospital.
  3. How long does a newborn session last? A typical newborn session can last anywhere from 2-4 hours. The pace of the session really depends on how well the parents have prepared for the newborn session and how often the baby wakes up and wants to eat.
  4. Where will the newborn session take place? Newborn sessions take place in my home studio in Sage Hill. This allows me to access my full collection of props, outfits, backdrops and floordrops, and to use my studio lighting. This way, you also don’t have to worry about having to clean your house and move the furniture around to fit the photography equipment. Just get yourselves and the baby to my house, and then you get to relax for a couple of hours, probably for the first time since you left the hospital! While some parents worry that it will be difficult to get out of the house with a brand new baby, it is possible! Just make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to get ready. Budget a good half hour or so for the unexpected, like the diaper that leaks as you’re locking the door.
  5. What kind of lighting do you use? I use studio lighting in all of my newborn sessions. This allows for perfect, consistent lighting throughout a session that is not dependent on the weather or time of day. And don’t worry, your baby will sleep right through the flash – it won’t bother him or her a bit!
  6. Will the baby be asleep or awake in the photos? The goal is to get the baby to sleep as much as possible during the session. When babies don’t sleep, it is more difficult to pose them as they don’t keep their little hands and feet where I put them. However, if they do wake up during the session and don’t go back to sleep right away, I can usually wrap the baby up nice and tightly to get some open-eyed shots. Parents usually love these ones!
  7. What should the baby wear? The baby will be photographed naked for most of the session and I will provide any props or outfits that are required, so there is no need to bring anything special. On the morning of the session, it is best if you dress him or her in a loose-fitting diaper (to prevent marks on the skin) and a sleeper that is easy to take off. It is a good idea to avoid complicated outfits and anything that has to go on/off over the baby’s head, as this could cause the baby to wake up unnecessarily when I am getting him or her undressed.
  8. What should the parents wear? Parents should wear comfortable clothing. For mom, a simple black or white tank, short-sleeved shirt or tube top is perfect and dad can wear a plain black or white t-shirt.
  9. What if the baby gets hungry? If the baby gets hungry or is just not sleeping very soundly, we will take as many breaks as necessary so that mom can feed him or her.  If you are breastfeeding but your baby takes a bottle already, please bring some milk and a bottle or two – this will make the session go a lot faster.
  10. What if the baby gets cold? I keep my studio at a warm 28 degrees Celsius, so you don’t have to worry about your baby getting cold, even when they have no clothes on. I use a space heater as well as a heating pad to make sure that your baby is always at a comfortable temperature.
  11. What if the baby makes a mess? This will definitely happen at some point during the session! Babies pee and poop on everything when they are naked and it is to be expected. Luckily, it washes right out every time, so don’t panic or feel bad when it happens.
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