Should You Hire Me?

PINTHISYou want fabulous photos of your pregnancy and newborn baby.

It’s one of the few things you’ll have to look back on when your children are grown up and living their own lives.

Unfortunately, there’s about a bazillion Calgary maternity and newborn photographers out there from you to pick from. It’s simply overwhelming.

Should you hire me? Maybe. Follow the steps to learn how to decide if I’m the best photographer for you and what to expect during the process.

Step 1: Do you like my work?

Take a look at my portfolio galleries, browse through some full galleries, and spend some time exploring my site.

My style is natural and is fairly simple. I prefer the beautiful outdoors for maternity sessions and I love to use a few different colours in my newborn sessions. I don’t do lifestyle, at-home newborn photography because I prefer the posed look of studio newborn images.

My goal for your session is to create timeless images that you and your family can spend years (and even generations) enjoying. I want you to be so proud of your images that you can’t resist showing them off to your family, friends, and even the random people you walk by on the street!

If you like what you see and think my style is a good match for you, continue to Step 2. If not, that’s okay. I wish you the best in your search and encourage you to keep looking for a photographer whose style is more to your liking, as you definitely want to love your photos!

Step 2: Tell me about your family.

I’re glad you like my work! Now I need to hear from you. Hop on over to my Contact Form and send me a message!

I’ll respond as quick as I can to let you know if I’m available for your due date and send you some pricing information.

Step 3: Meet over coffee.

I are located in northwest Calgary and would love to get together to show you the lovely albums and other products I offer and talk more about your session.

I’ll discuss how many digital files you’ll need and make sure you have exactly what you are looking for.

If you can’t make it for coffee, we can connect over the phone instead.

Step 4: Decide to work with me!

You won’t regret it. I’m fun, and I go the extra mile to make sure your maternity and newborn photos are amazing.

Step 5: Sign the contract and pay the session fee.

I don’t hold dates until I have your contract and session fee, so take care of this right away so that you don’t lose your date to someone else. When you decide to book with At First Sight Photography, you will get your very own client portal username and password, so it’s really easy to do everything you need to online.

Once I have your contract and your session fee, you’re officially booked!

Now wasn’t that easy?

If you still have questions, drop me a message using my contact form and I’ll be glad to help in any way I can. I love my clients and I limit the number that I take each year in order to be able to serve you really well and not get too swamped.